Camp Crossroads is 100% volunteer run!

We need three different types of volunteers for a successful camp!

There's something here for every parent!

An information meeting can be scheduled for folks interested in becoming Adult Staff volunteers. At the meeting we will have a short presentation on Camp Crossroads and answer any questions you might have about volunteering for a staff position. Attending an information meeting is not mandatory to become a Camp Crossroads staff member.

If you'd like to attend the meeting, please contact us and we'll set something up that is mutually agreeable.

Adult Staff are full-time volunteers who work on site directly with girls and are expected to be available every day (8:30am to 4:15pm) for the camp period. The children of Adult Staff (onsite) receive priority placement (guaranteed placement) in camp and 90% off fees for girls and a $15 fee for boys and pre-schoolers. Staff members sign a volunteer appointment form outlining their duties and responsibilities. If at any time a staff member withdraws or fails to comply with the agreement, their children must also withdraw from camp. Adult staff are expected to attend Camp Crossroads training and planning sessions (see Important Dates page). They are also expected to read their Camp Crossroads Staff Handbook and meet or talk with their unit co-leaders and teen staff as often as needed to ensure a smoothly functioning unit.

Helping Hands are part-time volunteers who serve in a variety of positions such as bus stop monitor, clean up crew, etc. before, during and after camp. Most of the positions require 4-6 hours of volunteer time. The daughters  of Helping Hands volunteers receive priority placement in camp (guaranteed placement) and pay the normal fees. Only daughters of Helping Hands volunteers may attend camp.  Helping Hands volunteers sign a volunteer appointment form outlining their duties and responsibilities. If at any time they fail to complete the agreed upon duties, their children must withdraw from camp with the same financial penalties as a voluntary withdrawal. For most of the positions, the helping hands volunteers may not be accompanied by children when performing these duties. There is no formal training required – instructions are provided by e-mail or in person, as appropriate for the job. Helping Hands positions are filled by lottery -- the more positions you volunteer for, the better your chances of being accepted, but do not apply for a position if you are not available at the required dates and times. If you are not accepted in the Helping Hands lottery you will still have plenty of time to submit an application for your camper through the regular camper lottery.

Teen Staff are girls who have completed 9th grade and are expected to be available all day (8:30am to 4:15pm) for the entire camp period. Teen staff members earn leadership or service hours which can be applied to various Teen Girl Scout Awards. Teen girls are expected to attend training and planning sessions (See Important Dates page). See the "6th Grader and Beyond FAQs" for more information.