FAQs - Wait List

Do you keep a “wait list” of girls who were not accepted? Yes. If your daughter is put on the wait list, you'll receive a number telling you where she is for her particular program. Of course we have no way of predicting how many girls will withdraw.

How long will you keep girls on the wait list? Until the first day of camp? No. Four weeks before camp, if your daughter is still on the wait list, we will notify GSCNC and ask GSCNC to issue a refund. You can also contact us at any time and ask to be removed from the wait list and receive a refund.

If my daughter is on the wait list or isn't placed in camp, will I lose the money I paid? If we can't place her, you will receive a full refund. After May 14th, if we place her and you withdraw, you will not receive a refund.

If my daughter doesn’t make it into Camp Crossroads this year, does she get preference next year? No.

Why do you give priority placement to the daughters of the volunteers? Most GSCNC’s day camps are volunteer run. Without the volunteers camp doesn’t happen. It's pretty hard to get people to agree to volunteer to work at the camps unless their own daughter gets to attend!

Why isn’t there enough space at our Girl Scout day camps? Good question! All the day camps are overwhelmed -- we simply do not have enough capacity. Bottom line -- lack of volunteers. At our facility, there is enough time during the summer to hold another camp -- all we'd need is another 125 volunteers to make it happen! Our council is always looking for new ideas to solve these problems -- if you have some great ideas on how to manage the camps better, we're always open to suggestions – especially if you’re willing to volunteer your time to make it happen!