FAQs - Units

How are the units put together? The units contain a balanced mix of grades. For example, an ideal Tutshill Tornadoes unit will have fourteen 4th graders and fourteen 5th graders. Ballycastle Bats units will be mixed 2nd and 3rd graders. This mix of grade levels is in keeping with Girl Scout philosophy of offering girl leadership opportunities and girl role models. We do our best to ensure that "cliques" do not form in a unit by mixing girls from different schools. We will not honor requests to change units unless there is a serious behavior problem. Remember, each unit is filled with new "best friends" that your daughter hasn't met, yet!

My daughter is a rising 6th grader. Shouldn't she be placed with Cadettes (Catapults)? No. The Girl Scout year runs from October 1st to September 30th. Even though your daughter may have participated in a Bridging Ceremony in May, she doesn't actually become a Cadette until October 1st. While many girls may be eager to begin working on badges at the new age level, it's important for their development not to push girls too early. That rising 6th grader will be a valuable leader in her Tutshill Tornadoes unit. That extra summer after 5th grade can be incredibly valuable. If she's working on her Bronze Award she has until September 30th to complete the Bronze Award. The same applies to 8th graders working on their Silver Award and 12th graders working on their Gold Award. Does that mean that your rising 6th grader may again work on a badge that she's already earned? Maybe. We don't really focus on badges at Camp Crossroads. We're focused on fun activities that including learning and personal growth.

My daughter’s troop would like to sign up together and be placed together in the same unit. Can we do that? No. GSCNC does offer some day camps with that type of program -- it requires the troop of girls to also bring two full-time adult volunteers -- that's not how we do it at Camp Crossroads. Be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions about Sisters & Buddies.