FAQs - Open House

Do you hold a camp Open House where my daughter can come meet her unit leaders? No, we don't. We have a period the Sunday before camp when you can come visit camp. We call it a "Self- Guided Tour". It's a "the camp directors are there running around crazy trying to set up for Monday, but you can drop by" event. Using the camp map and your unit assignment e-mail a girl and her parents can take a self-guided tour of camp. We'll be in the camp headquarters (Ashgrove Lodge) setting things up. Please don't be offended if our conversation with you is short -- we are working hard to be ready Monday morning at 7:35am when the first bus rolls!  Unit leaders will usually not present.

Will my daughter's unit leader call us before camp begins? No. We rely on our parents to read the information on our web site and if they have questions, contact the camp directors. Think about how long it would take to call and talk to 28 sets of parents right before camp begins! If your daughter has a special need and you'd like to talk to the unit leader in advance, please get in touch with the directors -- they'll be happy to connect you with the unit leaders.

Why isn't our unit leader's home phone number included in the unit assignment letter? We jealously guard our volunteers' free time! We'd like you to direct all questions to the camp directors. They can answer 99.9% of the questions that come in. If direct contact between the parent and the unit leader is needed, they'll set it up.