FAQs - Medical

Does my daughter need a physical exam to attend Camp Crossroads? No. Parents must provide complete health history information. If the camper has a serious medical condition the directors or the camp first aider will contact the parent for additional information.

I heard you do a head lice check. Is that true? Yes, all GSCNC camps were required to do a brief "health screening" for all participants upon their arrival at camp. The screening consists of a volunteer staff member (not a medical professional) asking the campers how they feel and checking their heads for lice. Parents will be contacted for all campers or teens who do not feel well or who may potentially have lice.

My daughter has a disability, can she participate in Camp Crossroads? Yes! We're committed to making Camp Crossroads a possibility for every girl regardless of her abilities. We'll gladly work with parents before camp to discuss options, answer questions and modify plans. We can meet at the camp with the parents to show them the terrain and determine if the girl will be safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, if the parent isn't honest with us early in the process, it may result in disappointment later on. So please fill out the medical information, fully and completely, so your daughter can have a safe and fun camp experience.

My daughter will need to take prescription medication during the camp day. Will that be a problem? Prescription medication taken at camp must have a medication permission form. The form may be signed by a parent as long as the medication, in its original container, shows that the prescription has not yet expired. The girl must self-medicate. That means she reports to the first aider, the first aider watches as she takes the correct number of pills out of the bottle and swallows them. Please be aware that there is no air conditioning anywhere at Camp Crowell. We have a refrigerator in first aid or we keep the medicine "room temperature" (85-105 degrees depending on the outside temperature). We will keep the medication out of the direct sun, but there are no "climate controlled" areas at Camp Crowell. If the medication can not be stored in the refrigerator in first aid, then it's the parent's responsibility to provide a portable way to keep the medication cool.

What types of over-the-counter medication does the camp provide in case my daughter needs something? Camp Crossroads does not provide any over-the-counter medication. If the parent anticipates that their daughter will need over-the-counter medication the parent must provide it in the original, sealed (unopened) container and the medication permission form.

What are the qualifications of the camp medical staff? Our day camp provides care for injuries or unexpected illnesses. Our medical staff are volunteers. While we hope a doctor or nurse will volunteer for Camp Crossroads it usually doesn't happen. We use a volunteer who's been trained in First Aid and CPR.

My daughter has severe food allergies . . . will this be a problem? Not with a little help from mom or dad! In addition to the food mentioned on our Food FAQ page, campers eat ice cream, win Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (jelly beans), eat watermelon and may eat their creations in their unit. If your daughter has severe or extensive food allergies or restrictions you can expect a call from her unit leader, the cooking center leader and the camp first aider! In some cases, we may ask the family to provide substitute food items for their daughter.