FAQs - General Stuff

How do I know if my daughter is ready for day camp? When you combine excitement, a full schedule and add hot July weather, camp can definitely be an exhausting experience. Girls who are trying to pack in competitive swim, soccer or other activities before or after camp will definitely be dragging and probably a bit on the grouchy side. Some questions to ask yourself: Is my daughter ready to play with girls who are not her best friends? Can she cope with unknowns? Can she give graciously -- doesn't always have to have her own way? Can she function as a member of a group? Does she have the physical stamina to spend the entire day outdoors?

What kind of facilities are available at camp? The camp ground is owned by the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. It is a developed campground with 8 campsites, 4 “day” sites, a pavilion and 2 lodges. Although the camp is small, it's hilly! We walk a lot! There is potable water, but there are no flush toilets; we use latrines or "porta-potties". Almost all campsites have open-air shelters that provide cover from the sun and during rain storms, and the lodges are available for severe weather (see Facility Photos). There is no air conditioning anywhere at Camp Crowell and limited refrigeration. Camp Crowell provides a wonderful outdoor experience in the heart of Fairfax County.

Does my daughter need to make SWAPS to bring to camp? No. During camp, each unit will make swaps to trade during our Swap Meet.

What clothing should my daughter wear each day? Because the area is wooded, she MUST have closed-toe shoes – too many rocks and roots to trip on or stub toes with flip flops or sandals. We do not allow "heelys" or shoes with wheels. We encourage socks that cover the ankles and will provide protection from prickly plants, poison ivy and ticks. Hats or bandannas are strongly recommended to provide coverage from the sun and from ticks. Shorts are ok, but please leave the short-shorts at home. Shoulders and abdomens must be covered. She will also need a clean bandana each day that serves as a towel to dry her hands.

Should my daughter wear her camp shirt everyday? On the first day of camp your camper will receive her camp shirt. She can wear it as often as she likes (or as often as you want to wash it), but it's not mandatory for campers. We'll have a special "theme day" where we encourage girls to wear their camp shirt (check the Welcome Packet when it's made available).