FAQs - Food

What kind of food is available? Lunches are not provided at Camp Crossroads. Daily, you should pack a lunch that can sit in the open air (we’ll do our best to keep it out of the direct sun). Send morning and afternoon snacks too -- it's a long, hungry day!  Some units may plan activities involving food such as edible fires (an activity that teaches proper fire building using snack good items).

My daughter is a vegetarian . . . will you be able to accommodate her? Absolutely! Be sure to check "special dietary needs" on the health form and provide details in the comments -- don't just say "vegetarian"! Give us specific details such as "doesn't eat beef, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese", etc. This also applies to food allergies, cultural or religious food requirements, lactose intolerance, etc. Don't give us a label! Experience has shown us that the labels mean different things to different people. Tell us what food she should not or must not eat.

My daughter has severe food allergies . . . will this be a problem? Not with a little help from mom or dad! In addition to the meals mentioned above, campers make ice cream sundaes, win Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (jelly beans), eat watermelon and eat their creations in the cooking center. If your daughter has severe or extensive food allergies or restrictions you might get a call from her unit leader, the cooking center leader and the camp first aider asking for additional information or clarification! In some cases, we may ask the family to provide substitute food items for their daughter.

Is Camp Crossroads a nut-free camp? Do you prohibit all children from bringing nuts in their lunches? No