FAQs - 6th Grade and Beyond

Which forms do I use for which program? If you are applying for the Caerphilly Catapults Unit or the Crossroads OWL program you use GSCNC's camp registration on the online registration site to enter the lottery. If you are applying to be a full fledged Teen Staff member, we need a Camp Crossroads Teen Staff on-line application.

I'm a Girl Scout Cadette who is in 6th grade. Why can't I be an OWL at Camp Crossroads? Experience has shown us that girls who have just completed 6th grade (in July) are at a disadvantage when serving as OWL. They do not yet have the experience needed to serve in a leadership and disciplinary role over large groups of girls who are often the same age. After many years of experimentation, we determined that it was unfair to push a girl into this type of leadership role too early. If you've just in 6th grade, please come to Camp Crossroads as a Caerphilly Catapult and enjoy yourself for one more year of fun!

I'm interested in the OWL unit, but if I don't get in can I automatically be considered for the Caerphilly Catapults Unit? Unfortunately, the GSCNC registration system does not allow multiple selections.  Remember that if your parent is a volunteer, either a full-time or part-time (Helping Hands) volunteer, you are guaranteed placement in the program of your choice.

I want to be an OWL, but my family will be on vacation during the OWL training. Is that a problem? Yes. OWL training (see Important Dates) is mandatory. If you miss it for any reason or any part of it for any reason, you will be disenrolled from Camp Crossroads.

I want to be a Teen Staff member, but I can't attend any of the training or planning sessions. Is that a problem? Well, yes, it is. Our goal is for you to be a successful member of the leadership team. An important part of that is having the proper information (provided at the training sessions) and meeting with the other adult and teen members (at the planning sessions) to form a leadership team. While we don't like to use the "m" word (mandatory) our experience has shown us that teens who do not attend these important sessions are less successful, more stressed out, "behind the power curve" and more likely to end up as "go-fers" instead of equal partners. If you know you can't attend one of the sessions, please tell us when you apply. It may not affect your acceptance, but it will affect your position at Camp Crossroads -- we can't afford to have a unit or center completely staffed with volunteers who did not attend the planning sessions.