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The buttons to submit applications are at the bottom of this page because we really, really want you to read this information before you submit an application!

We have three types of applications:

• Adult Staff Application for full-time, on-site adult volunteers
• Teen Staff Application for girls who have completed 9th -12th grade who want to volunteer
• Helping Hands Application for part-time adult volunteers

Camp Crossroads controls the application process for Adult Staff, Teen Staff and Helping Hands.

Camper and AIT 1and AIT 2 lottery signups are submitted using GSCNC's web site at Note: If your child was an OWL last year, they should sign up for AIT 2 this year. There are required trainings for AITs, please look at the "Important Dates" page for those dates.


The following information applies to Adult Staff applications, Helping Hands applications and Teen Staff applications only:

Please read the applications carefully and provide complete answers to the questions. Incomplete applications will be rejected!

Before applying on-line you need to make sure you have an email account, which you check at least once a week! You also need to make sure our email will not be blocked by your ISP (internet service provider). Because we send out mass email, many ISPs consider us spam and block us. Most ISPs have a way for you to "register" us so that it knows to let our email through (usually that means adding us to your address book or contact list). Contact your ISP or email provider for help. The email will be coming from:

For the Teen Staff application the teen needs to fill out the application after consulting with her parents. It's important that the teen has her parent's support. Work together to make sure the teen will be able to fulfill her commitment.

After you complete an on-line application form you must hit the "push to submit" button. Within three days, you will receive an email from us saying "we got your application". If you don't receive this email, it's your responsibility to contact us.

Not all of the links below are available all the time -- we only "turn on" the links during the application windows. Be sure to check our Important Dates sections to find out the appropriate application window.

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