Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A Message from Our Tie Dye Masters.....Home Follow Up:

Step 1: Let the shirt sit in the plastic bag for at least 24 hours

Step 2: After the 24 hours, take the shirt out of the bag, leave the rubber bands on, and rinse it under cold water, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Take the rubber bands out, and run the shirt under warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 4: After rinsing your child’s shirt, put the shirt into the washing machine, separately and run it in hot water.

Step 5: Once the shirt dries, your child can wear the shirt.

Bats 3

The Bats 3 had a fantastic day today! We had a lot of time to relax and play water games today, including drip, drip, drench! We also had fun tie-dying our shirts and pillowcases today, our hands are all multi-colored! Remember to let your shirt sit for a day before washing it (by itself)! We also did a few trials at nature and got a surprise reward! We’re super excited for tomorrow!

Sunrays 1

The Purple Pandas had an amazing day camp! This morning we made dragon eggs with Stingray, and made beads with Potato. After lunch we were busy, busy, busy, we went to potions and drank love potions. Making magic wands in crafts was such a hit! We finished our day with a little detective work and ice cream. We have tie-dye tomorrow morning, so if you have not already, send in a plain white shirt with your camper! Can’t wait for day 4!

Sunrays 2

The Sunrays 2 had a beautifully busy day at camp! We started off by learning fire safety and other outdoor skills, complete with a hike to find horcruxes and roast marshmallows. We had a tasty lunch, then we made wands with crafts! We created more potions at science, and then relaxed with some ice cream. Finally we practiced our color guard etiquette and cleaned up our unit. It was a fabulous day!


With the extremely hot weather today, our only option was to make a campfire and cook some delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. We had our delicious dogs and burgers, made some magical wands in arts and crafts. After science, our only option was to have a massive water balloon fight to cool off before flag and to wash off the remnants of the previous oobleck fight. A great cool day.


The Pixies did a lot of fun things today! First, they painted and decorated paper witch hats. Then, they visited the sports field this morning, where they played water tag. Everyone was soaked afterwards, but very refreshed. Then they visited Outdoor Skills where they watched teen staff cook marshmallows over a fire. Everyone got to eat a s’more! They also went on the water melon hike, where they followed a series of colored eggs and clues to find a surprise watermelon at the end. It was a super fun day today, even in the heat!


This morning the Catapults started off their day with Songs & Games where they played “drip drip drop”, getting their shirts soaked for the start of an extremely hot day. We then made our way over to Ice Cream for a morning treat. After cooling down the girls started making their SWAPS for Fridays swap meet. We ended our day with the Challenge Course where our girls attempted to climb the ‘Giants Ladder’ & zipped down the super new super long zip line!

Tornadoes 1

We started out with a morning adventure – escaping from Azkaban on the zip lines (and facing our own challenges & fears at the same time!). Then we finished beautifying our biffys before we headed to the Nature Center (aka Magical Tasks and Trials) to solve some really tricky and mysterious challenges. We followed that up with an impromptu girl-led singalong and skit session at the amphitheater, and then cooled off at the end of the day by playing a rousing game of water quiddich. Don’t forget that tomorrow is animagus day, so dress up as an animal (if you want)! And also if you didn’t bring a plastic water or soda bottle today, please send one tomorrow so we can make a squirt bottle out of it…it’s going to be HOT.

Tornadoes 2

Today the Purple Pygmy Puffs made potions at science and magical wands in crafts. After lunch they went on a long adventure and got to eat some refreshing watermelon in the end. If that wasn’t enough they even made edible wands!! They ended the day by making their Purple Pygmy Puff swaps to get ready for Friday.

Tornadoes 3

In crafts today we created golden eggs from a pile of clay. Then a bit later in science we experimented with different potion ingredients to make interesting, colorful fires. We also created tasty wands as a sweet snack. Then in the outdoors we traveled the trails in search of horcruxes and tasted the delights of Florean Fordescure’s ice cream parlor. We can’t to see all the Animagi tomorrow!

Bats 1

Bats 1 had a wonderful Wednesday at camp! We went to nature first thing this morning, where we went on a hike and solved riddles. After solving all the puzzles, we received a delicious surprize! Then, we went to songs and games where we learned new girl scout songs and played a little bit of quiddich. They also went on a watermelon hike and concluded the day by finding Scabbers and getting every flavor Bertie Bots beans! We can’t wait for tomorrow and a whole new day of fun!

Bats 2

Bats 2 had a lot of fun today creating amazing and colorful designs at tie dye. We stopped by headquarters for a marvelous ice cream treat. We made galaxy jars and played games. Then concluded the day with making dragon eggs at our unit. After a magical day we can’t wait for the rest of the week!