Wednesday, July 13, 2022



Tomorrow is Animagus Day! Have your camper come dressed as their favorite animal!

Catapults – Pink Pixies

The Catapults went right into the challenge course this morning, doing the zip line, turning wheel, and climbing net. We did our watermelon hike, made slime in science, and dragon eyes in crafts. Tomorrow is animagus day, so remember to dress as your favorite animal!

Tornadoes 1 – Turquoise Time Turners

The Turquoise Time Turners had an amazing day at camp!


Tornadoes 2 – Mint Green Chameleons

The Mint Green Chameleons had a great day! We started with an activity to learn about the symmetry in nature. We made snowflakes and a body symmetry project. We had ice cream before lunch today and agreed thqat ice cream is always better before lunch! After lunch, we worked on SWAPS, had a gumdrop bridge STEM challenge and went on a watermelon hike. Did we mention we found Scabbers and earned a prize? Thursday morning will be challenge course first thing. On Friday we will wear our tie dye shirts.


Bats 1 - The Orange Owls

The wonderful Orange Owls had an exciting Wednesday. We started it off with making our own trail mix and personalizing our different types of transportation we can take to get to Hogwarts. Later we went to crafts and made our own dragon eyes. Ending an amazing day with a nature hike followed by some yummy watermelon. Remember tomorrow to dress as your favorite animal!


Bats 2 – Hot Pink Phoenixes

The hot pink phoenixes had an amazing Wednesday at camp!! We started the day with a hike at Nature, the girls were on a search for Hagrid’s puffapods that they learned about on Monday. Then, after our beautiful group picture, we visited the crafts center and created our very own dragon eyes! After a picnic lunch we went to archery and had so much fun hitting the targets!! Back at our campsite, Andromeda (one of our OWLs) taught us how to make origami pixie wings out of sheets of paper. To wrap up our awesome, but hot, day at camp we finished with science and made cool new potions and experiments! Today was a very fun-filled day, remember to send your campers with a water bottle to make sure they stay hydrated and tomorrow is Anamagus day so remember to come dressed as your favorite animal!!


Bats 3 – Sky Blue Snallygasters

The Sky Blue Snallygasters had a terrific fun day! We started off the morning by finding Scabbers near our biffy! Then, tie-dye came and we made some awesome shirts and bandanas! After that we made potions with bells on the lid. Then we headed over to outdoor skills and we dressed up our OWLS and made trail mix. Then we went to science and we made boats and elephant toothpaste. Then we made cool dragon eyes out of clay and glass eyes during crafts! We can’t wait for Animagus day!!


Sunrays 1 – The Golden Snitches

The Golden Snitches had a FANTASTIC third day of camp! We started our day in crafts creating super cool dragon eyes that will be sent home later this week. Then we went to Outdoor Skills where we dressed our teen staff in all types of clothes. Then we made some AWESOME howler bookmarks with our OWL Calalilly. Then we played on the field and decorated our biffys. We ended our day with some super fun pretzel magic wands for an afternoon snack before heading to archery to shoot magic puff balls with our slingshots! We are so excited for the rest of the week!!


Sunrays 2 – The Unique Unicorns

We started the day with a fun bookmark craft that was run by our OWL (rising 9th grader) named Tigger. Before the heat of the day we did a scavenger hunt around camp and got some nice cold watermelon at the end! Best tasting watermelon ever! We learned some new songs and got to play a parachute game. After lunch we made some mandrake pudding (football pudding but turned Harry Potter themed) where the girls got to throw the pudding around like a football. At science we did some neat experiments (ask your child about the boats). At outdoor skills girls got to act out scenarios for clothing wearing in different climates/temperatures. We finished the day starting our swaps (ask your child about the swaps).


Sunrays 3 –Purple Pigmy Puffs

Wednesday! Day 3 started off with two crafts lead by our OWLs: faux stained glass windows and decorated pygmy puff eggs. Then it was off to sling shots followed by lunch. After lunch we played some more games and sang lots of songs. Then we walked down to Outdoor Skills to learn what to wear and eat outside (trail mix!!!). Then we got sorted into Hogwarts Houses and went on a scavenger hunt to find puffle pod eggs! Tomorrow is animagus day! Dress like your favorite animal! Two more days!


Sunrays 4 – Green Turtles

Today we went to science and made motor boats. We got ice cream and did slingshots. We also had tons of fun using all the colors to make tie dye. We did a feather craft and sung lots of songs as we walked around camp! Make sure to ask your camper their favorite song! Tie dye instructions are on the crossroads website.



First the pixies had songs and games where the pixies played catch! Then we went on a hunt for the magical dragon egg, and we each got some playdoh to play with! We then flew our little pixies selves to science where we made boats out of plastic bottles! After a healthy lunch, we had crafts where we made some spooky dragon eyes out of clay, and then we got to go straight to tie dye! What a day! We are so exhausted !!!



First the rangers went to archery where we shot arrows and slingshots. Next we went to eagles nest to make tie dye. After that we went on a hike then had lunch. After that we went to outdoor skills and had a lesson on camping. To finish we made hand-made ice cream and played games. We’ll see you tomorrow!



Tie-Dye Instructions

Step 1: Let the shirt sit in the plastic bag for at least 24 hours

Step 2: After the 24 hours, take the shirt out of the bag, leave the rubber bands on, and rinse it under cold water, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Take the rubber bands out, and run the shirt under warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 4: After rinsing your child’s shirt, put the shirt into the washing machine, separately and run it in hot water.

Step 5: Once the shirt dries, your child can wear the shirt.