Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Tie-Dye Instructions

Step 1: Let the shirt sit in the plastic bag for at least 24 hours

Step 2: After the 24 hours, take the shirt out of the bag, leave the rubber bands on, and rinse it under cold water, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Take the rubber bands out, and run the shirt under warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 4: After rinsing your child’s shirt, put the shirt into the washing machine, separately and run it in hot water.

Step 5: Once the shirt dries, your child can wear the shirt.


Catapults – Gray Goblin

Today the Grey Goblins had an adventurous hike that ended up at a dead end, and they also had an owl-cage-building competition. We played Quidditch at Songs and Games. At the end of the day, the Goblins found Scabbers, and had fun playing Froggy murderer. Remember tomorrow is Camp T shirt day, so wear your shirt if you can!

Tornadoes 1 – Great Lake Mermaids

Today, the Mermaids started off learning how to hunt for horcruxes and perform outdoor skills, while also munching on some s’mores! Then we took a nature walk and looked at lovely plants and animals! After, we rode the Hogwarts express and escaped Azkaban! We played super soaking water games and ended our 2nd day with some yummy magic wands.

Tornadoes 2 - Phoenixes

Today the Phoenixes started with potions class and made dragon egg bath bombs and lava lamps. Next, we made “Gods Eyes” with yarn and found a passion for crafts, followed by a hike that ended with tasty watermelon! Afterwards, we played a few competitive games of Quidditch.

Bats 1- Snowy Owls

Today, the Snowy Owls had an exciting and busy day. We started off with Tie-Dye, so keep an eye out for the girls’ shirts and make sure to let the girls’ tie dye outfits sit in their bags for at least 24 hours somewhere darkly lit and in an area where if it gets messed up by the dye, it won’t be horribly upsetting. The dye is permanent, so please do be careful! After they sit, make sure to wash them out somewhere like outside or a utility sink in cold water, and then wash them on cold and put them in the dryer BY THEMSELVES. After you have done this initial wash, they should be good to be washed with other items. Again, the instructions for tie dye in more detail are on the Camp Crossroads website.

The girls also got to go to Outdoor Skills and learn fire safety and make s’mores. They then went to find horcruxes around camp during a scavenger hunt. Afterwards, we got to go and have ice cream! We got to do a fun activity with Diamond after lunch and make seed bombs, which are in their backpacks in Ziploc bags. Once the seed bombs dry, they can be planted in the ground in the fall, to help monarch butterflies, which are an endangered species. The Snowy Owls finished their busy day off with a couple rounds of Quidditch, and look forward to coming to camp tomorrow. Don’t forget tomorrow is “Camp Shirt Day”, so make sure to wear your camp shirt!

Bats 2 - Leviosa Ladies

This morning, we went to our Unit Home and made SWAPs. Then, we made broomstick crafts and bracelets. We enjoyed Tie-Dye and went to science, where we made bath bombs and lava lamps. After science, we went to the ice cream station! It was delicious! We headed back up to our Unit Home for lunch. Ice cream before lunch was a great treat on such a hot day! For our last activity, AIT Jordan led a potion bottle craft. It was a great day.

Bats 3 – Yellow Bumblebees

Today we went to Crafts and decorated wooded rectangles for our rooms. We made our own slime potions and got to eat some yummy ice cream! Then we finished off our day with tie dye!

Sunrays 1 – The Magical Mandrakes

We started the day by making our own mandrakes! We molded them out of clay and shaped them with tools. While they were drying, we had fun playing Quidditch and other games, and then we had s’mores and did a scavenger hunt hike at Outdoor Skills. After that, we went on a dragon egg hunt and then made habitats for our dragons for when they hatch… we have a feeling it will be by the end of the week! We finished up the day by having some fun on the Challenge Course. Remember to wear your camp t-shirt tomorrow and bring in your white 100% cotton t-shirt for tie-dye if you haven’t already… we will need it tomorrow!

Sunrays 2 – Bluebells

We started our adventure today at the great Challenge Course where we tested our teamwork and patience in order to save Hermione from mermaids. They also had to learn the challenge of balance in a wizards chess duel before finally stopping at the beautiful Yule Ball. Then, we all took our fair share in hiding the wonderful bluebell. We also crafted an amazing air condition on the go 2.0, aka a fan. We also made ropeish with gimp. Finally, we went on a wonderful adventure finding and destroying horcruxes and learning fire safety. We also found a secret stash of moon pies given by Bluebell the mascot. What a Hoottastic day!


Today, the Mighty Pixies made beautiful sun catchers in crafts, ate watermelon by the flagpole, and played some awesome games at Songs and Games. We finished our day with popsicles and a bubble fight against Dopey! Super excited for tomorrow!


Today we played Quidditch, made lava lamps with water and oil, and created ogre burps with baking powder and vinegar, did Tie-Dye, had an intense shaving cream battle, and made lots of gooey slime.