Thursday, July 18, 2019


A Message from Our Tie Dye Masters.....Home Follow Up:

Step 1: Let the shirt sit in the plastic bag for at least 24 hours

Step 2: After the 24 hours, take the shirt out of the bag, leave the rubber bands on, and rinse it under cold water, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Take the rubber bands out, and run the shirt under warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 4: After rinsing your child’s shirt, put the shirt into the washing machine, separately and run it in hot water.

Step 5: Once the shirt dries, your child can wear the shirt.


The catapults started in crafts where they worked on making personalized wands. Afterwards they made their way to Outdoor skills where they made s’mores over a campfire and looked for Horcruxes around camp. After lunch the Catapults went to Nature/ Magical Tasks and trials where they went on a hike to find gemstones and solve the riddles of a sphinx in order to gain clues. After a day filled with magic they went to science where they played with slime and then winded down before closing flag by playing games in the fire circle.

Tornadoes 1

We started off the day with a watermelon hike – searching for clues all over camp until we finally found our refreshing treat! Then we worked on some butterbeer swaps with our OWL, had a cleanup session so we could leave our camp home just like we found it, then had a fun afternoon of crafts – making phoenix feather swaps and patronus charms, and hanging bee houses with Indie. Don’t forget that tomorrow is BRING AN OWL day!

Tornadoes 2

We started off our day with Nature and took a nice hike through a wooded mysterious trail looking for the jewels, went to the house of keys and searched through lakes for clues - all while solving riddles to earn a treat at the end. After our delicious lunches, we learned how to build box ovens and used our new ovens to bake yummy chocolate chip cookies. We ended the day learning how to Japanese braid.

Tornadoes 3

Today the Fizzing Whizbees used the solar ovens they made and sun baked some delightful treats! We got soaked at songs and games, brewed some awesome potions at science, and made wands and received our eggs we created at Crafts. During our watermelon hike the Whizbees found Scabbers and got Jelly Beans! At the end of our day the Whizbees created beautiful dresses for the Yule Ball and posters for our Multi-Wizard tournament contender! Overall the Whizbees had the best day!

Bats 1

We started off today with making magical wands at crafts and made our way to water sports to cool off. That ended with a cool surprise by dumping a bucket of water on to one of our teens. We made our swaps, headed to science to make some giant toothpaste and other creations. Finally we ended the day with a sweet treat of edible wands!

Bats 2

After morning flag, we started our day at our Unit Home and made yummy edible pretzel wands. Then we got our energy out during Songs and Games. They played Drip, Drip, Drop (Duck, Duck, Goose but with water). After that we had crafts, where the girls made wands. Then we had lunch, and afterwards we travelled to Science, where the girls made crazy concoctions with food coloring. We went to Outdoor Skills where we made fire starters, tied knots, and made s’mores! To end our day, we practiced the role of flag and then did the Flag ceremony to close Thursday at camp. Bats 2 had another excellent day!

Bats 3

Bats 3 had another super eventful day! In the morning, we had ice cream and found Scabbers, which meant we got another sweet treat (jellybeans)! After that we went to potions and made giant’s toothpaste and love potion! Then we made wands at crafts and are taking home our beautiful dragon eggs! Afterwards we went back to our unit and made galaxy jars, dragon eggs, and Harry Potter decorated rocks! We then cooled down at songs and games by playing water games and dunking Peeves with water! We’re super excited for the last day tomorrow and the Multi-Wizard tournament! Remember to finish up your swaps tonight to trade them tomorrow, and if you have some of your own, remember to bring them in! Be prepared to dance and have fun tomorrow at the Yule Ball too!

Sunrays 1

The purple pandas had a fantastic day! We began by making colorful tie dye shirts along with the other Sunray unit! See the instructions above for how to tackle your daughters tie Dye creation! We had fun with some water up at songs and games and went on an egg hunt. We worked on our SWAPs and had fun just exploring the area right around our Unit Home.

Sunrays 2

The Sunrays had an absolutely magical day at camp! We started off by learning about different dye patterns and designs with tie dye! The girls were polite and shared all their materials well. Next we learned to cooperate and work as a team while at the challenge course! This included becoming a dragon and crossing over perilous waters! We went on a hunt to find Scabbers, the missing magical rat, and were rewarded with a tasty treat afterwards! It was a fantastic day at camp!


The Rangers had a rewarding and exhausting day at camp today. We started off our morning brainstorming ideas for our Prefect to do for the tournament, Friday morning. We went to games and had a fun game of Quidditch. We found a clue and went on a hike to find the dragon egg, the watermelon. We found all of the Harry Potter creature eggs and then finally found the egg. We had lunch, and another treat at the lodge. We played games then we headed to the challenge course. The boys were separated and did amazing challenging activities based on their age-groups. We are excited for the Yule Ball and the Multi-Wizard Tournament.


The Pixies had a super fun day today. They tie dyed their shirts this morning, and visited the Crafts station to make wands and the Science station to make edible potions! They also made animals out of Play Dough and animal masks with paper plates. To top off the hot day, they had a cold water melon treat and made edible wands with pretzels and frosting. They were even able to get some AC! It was a great day for the Pixies!