Monday, July 15, 2019 



Today the Light Blue Thestrals had an awesome day at camp! We were sorted into our houses to make sure we took turns completing what it takes to keep our unit home nice and clean. We had tie dye, which was super fun, but so messy! Don’t forget to go swimming! Then we went to songs and games and sang our little hearts out and played Quidditch. Finally, we created wands and our own spell books!

Tornadoes 1

Today the Flaming Phoenix’s were sorted into houses by the camp sorting hat. They played games and learned what to do in case of an emergency at camp. Play an amazing game of Quidditch. We also had ice cream that would make Honeydukes jealous. We can’t wait for tomorrow to see what awaits.

Tornadoes 2

Today the Purple Pigmy Puffs sorted into their different houses and got to meet many knew friends. Today at the game field they learned knew songs and played a fun game of Quidditch. Back at our camp site the Pigmy Puffs attacked the biffys with lots of decorations. Towards the end of the day they made and ate yummy smores. We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow for more fun. For anyone who didn’t bring in their tie dye shirts, reminder to bring it tomorrow.

Tornadoes 3 Today the Yellow Fizzing Whizbees learned some awesome new camp songs and played a whiz-bang game of Quidditch, transfigured our biffies into magical portals and headed to the forbidden forest at nature and met the sphinx! We were also inspired by Fred and George into a creative prank! But if you hear anything … it wasn’t us.

Bats 1 Today we started off by going straight to challenge course learning how to help spot each other and working together. Then we went to outdoor skills and made fire starters, s’mores, and went on a hike to look for Horcrux’s. We ended the day making biffy sniffers and playing games together.

Bats 2

Today we started off with nature center where worked together to solve the challenges. We found Scabbers and were rewarded with a yummy treat for all to share! After lunch we made bookmarks and ties. At the challenge course everyone had fun helping each other and trying new activities.

Bats 3

The Mysterious Maroon Beasts had a fantastic day today! First we went on a crazy watermelon hunt for a sweet treat! Then we went to Challenge course and learned about teamwork! Lastly we made biffy sniffers and friendship bracelets to finish off the day! We are so excited to dress like our favorite Harry Potter characters tomorrow!

Sunrays 1

The Purple Pandas had a wonderful first day at Camp Crossroads! First, we played some get-to-know-you games and made a morning snack. Then we learned about fire safety and tent-pitching during our Outdoor Skills activities! After walking around camp on the hunt for horcruxes, the Sunrays took a break for lunch. When lunch ended we purified troll snot and made some potions with at the Science center. Then, we went to Crafts and had so much fun! Today was a great first day of camp and we are looking forward to the rest of the week with your children!

Sunrays 2

Sunrays 2 had a fantastic day at camp! There were absolutely no fights or tears or even complaints about the biffies. They got to know each other, purified troll boogers, carved multi wizard eggs, and learned many new songs! They practiced their buddy lines and drank lots of water, finishing off the day with a cool craft involving painting owls! It was a perfect first day.


The Pixies had a wonderful first day at Camp Crossroads! They went to Crafts to make dragon eggs, Science to see potions and bubbles, and visited the ice cream shop for a delicious cool treat. They also got to make a dragon craft with toilet paper rolls and decorated BIFFY Sniffers to make the daily experience a little more enjoyable. They finished off the day with a story time about dragons. Overall, today was a success for the Pixies!

Rangers: Alert! The Rangers biffies have been attacked by the neighboring mischievous Fizzings Whizbees. We had such a fun day today! We played a mighty game of capture the flag, with many jailbreaks. We had ice cream, which was according to some - the highlight of their lives. Tie-Dye was a success, although more dye ended up on their hands and the table than their shirt. We finished the day with a group game, and carefully discussed and planned closing cheer. It was a good day!