Friday, July 16, 2021

Tie-Dye Instructions

Step 1: Let the shirt sit in the plastic bag for at least 24 hours

Step 2: After the 24 hours, take the shirt out of the bag, leave the rubber bands on, and rinse it under cold water, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Take the rubber bands out, and run the shirt under warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 4: After rinsing your child’s shirt, put the shirt into the washing machine, separately and run it in hot water.

Step 5: Once the shirt dries, your child can wear the shirt.

Catapults – Gray Goblins

Today, the Gray Goblins spent our morning at our unit home working on SWAPs and gimp, and we also learned to make pompoms. Next, we went to the SWAP meet around the flag pole and got to trade our SWAPs with the other girls! After that, we went to a super interesting owl program at the amphitheater before getting lots of ice cream! This week was so much fun!

Tornadoes 1 – Great Lake Mermaid

Today, the Great Lake Mermaids had an amazing final day at camp! We got to give out the SWAPs we made when all of the units gathered near the flagpole for a SWAP meet. Afterwards, we went to the amphitheater, where there were some animal guests! We watched a presentation on four different types of owls and it was super cool! We finished up the day with a tasty frozen treat! Camp was so much fun!

Tornadoes 2 – Phoenixes

Today, the Phoenixes had a great last day of camp! We started by making some delicious trail mix to eat during a hiking tour of the camp! We settled into our campsite to make some SWAPS that we later traded with other units. After taking a much needed break in the water mister, we headed to the amphitheater to watch a special guest talk about owls! We then headed over to get some refreshing snow cones and had a great end to the day.

Bats 1- Snowy Owls

Today we went on a nature hike to a stream. There we practiced our outdoor skill of “leave no trace behind.” We enjoyed popcorn and looking for fish, and we made sure to leave the area cleaner than we found it. The Snowy Owl girls were very curious and full of questions at the owl program-- be sure to ask them what they learned. We celebrated Disco’s birthday with cupcakes and talked about our favorite parts of camp this week – new friendships, crafts and tie dye seemed to be the consensus. The girls loved trading the SWAPs they’d made and getting to see friends in other units. Many can’t wait for next year, but there’s no magical spell to make camp come quicker!

Bats 2 - Leviosa Ladies

The Leviosa Ladies had a great last day of camp! We played in our unit home throughout the morning; it was exciting to choose what we did together. We also made slime with Ladybug, our leader. Before lunch, the group exchanged SWAPS with the other units, which everyone enjoyed. In the afternoon, we went to a program to learn about owls. We got to see so many cute and interesting birds! Afterwards, we went back to our unit home and played before cleaning up and heading home for the last time. We had an amazing week!

Bats 3 – Yellow Bumblebees

Today, the Yellow Bumblebees went to the swap meet and traded our bee-themed swaps. We got to learn about some pretty cool birds at the amphitheater, before getting tasty snow cones. We also made sweet treats, like fudge in a bag!

Sunrays 1 – The Magical Mandrakes

Today, we started out by swapping leaders with the Bluebells! Doctor Hoot came to our greenhouse to show the girls how to make slime. Then, we went to the camp-wide SWAP meet and traded the SWAPs we made yesterday for lots of cool new ones. After that, there was a special presentation where we got to see a bunch of real owls up close. It was so cool! After that we did something else cool: we got to have yummy snow cones. It was a wonderful and fun week, and we are so glad that we got to make new friends. Have a great summer, Mandrakes!

Sunrays 2 – Bluebells

Today, the Bluebells got to make slime before we got to have some free time with our unit. Next, we gave out the SWAPs we made at the SWAP meet outside of Ashgrove Lodge! After that, we saw a super cool program about owls at the camp’s amphitheater. We finished our last day with some delicious snow cones. It was such a great week at camp!


The Mighty Pixies had an amazing last day of camp!! We did some volcanic explosions this morning and had so much fun in the ball pit! We had an awesome time trading SWAPS with other units and eating our lunch at the firepit. We then saw some live owls and ate some really yummy snow cones! The Pixies had so much fun this week and we so hope to see all of them again next year! Have a great rest of your summer!!


The Rangers started the day with going to the sports field and playing Capture the Flag with shaving cream alongside two special guests from HQ: Daisy and Scribbles. After we washed off, we made a campfire and ate s’mores. We then went to the amphitheater and learned about owls. We went and ate snow cones and finished our day with a water balloon fight! This week was so much fun!